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1 Gold Membership – 1 Amazing National Holiday Packages (JUST 11,000/-Rs)


Travelift is one stop solution for all your travel needs. Whether it is long holiday package or a short one, we design it in a beautiful way. As our Itihaas and Utsav memberships are designed mainly for frequent travellers, now we have one more budget friendly membership for the people who need single package for spending holidays. This is our Gold membership that you can avail in minimal price of Rs. 11,000/- only.

In this package, you can choose any 1 National destination from our provided destination list. Enjoy 3 Nights - 4 days accommodation for Husband, Wife and 2 kids of upto 7 years in age with free meals worth Rs. 3000/-. After purchasing the membership, you can use it in timespan of 6 months. Moreover, avail free gift vouchers of Rs. 5000/- with this package. You can never get such a big package in this amount. Enjoy the cheapest deals as well as your holiday with Travelift Holidays.


Gold membership is as simple as that. You just decide a destination, purchase our Gold membership and pack your bags. For any destination you will have to pay only Rs 11,000/- . No hassles, no worries and all the arrangements like accommodation for 3 nights and free meals upto Rs.3000/- will be done by Travelift Holidays.


Gold membership is a never before offer in travel history that you are getting here at Travelift. In just Rs.11000/- we are providing a trip to your dream destination in India. Not only meals and accommodation , you will also get gift vouchers worth Rs 5000/- . Hurry! Purchase Gold membership and enjoy free Gifts.


Booking policy :

  • For booking a holiday package, you have to provide 2 booking dates of your choice and that also 22 days in advance before the date of your departure. The minimum gap between the 2 dates of your choice should be 7 days i.e. one week.

  • You can not club 2 destinations in a package.

  • More than 2 rooms can not be booked for same date and same destinations.

  • Your reservation request will be restricted before and after 2 days of National holidays or Festivals like Holi, Diwali, 02 oct, 15 aug, 26 Jan etc.

  • Some exclusion periods exist for booking dates which will be mentioned while booking.

Meals policy :

  • For Domestic packages, you can enjoy free meals worth Rs. 3000 per package.

  • For International packages, enjoy free Breakfast everyday.

  • **Company reserve the rights to change for similar hotel as per the availability.

  • **The money once you paid for booking is non transferable and non refundable.

  • **There is no any cancellation policy.

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