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Travelift Holidays Pvt. Ltd. is one of India's foremost B2B travel Company, constantly evolving and adding value in business by giving it's distributors and agents the best technology,deals and a user-friendly platform to transact and achieve their own financial freedom.

Best B2B Travel Portal in India | White Label Solution


Years of business experience

Best B2B Travel Portal in India | White Label Solution

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Get awesome opportunities

Best B2B Travel Portal in India | White Label Solution

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Best B2B Travel Portal in India | White Label Solution


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Best B2B Travel Portal in India | White Label Solution

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Best B2B Travel Portal in India | White Label Solution

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Best B2B Travel Portal in India | White Label Solution

Key Capabilities

  • Start With Us In Very Low Investment of 1 Lakh rs
  • Silver Packages Offers you 17 Holiday Family Packages With 1 Year Validity
  • 15% Upfront commission payout in Silver Packages
  • You’ll Choose From Both National & International Destinations
  • Covered more than 80 destinations in all over the world
  • Access of more than 500+ Resorts & Hotels
  • Unlimited White Label / Affiliate modules for B2B
Tour Operator Online Booking System

Silver Package Includes*

Startup Investment Just 1 Lakh Rs.

Includes 17 Holidays Family Packages

15% upfront Commission

Covered Both National & International Destinations

More Than 80+ Destinations Options

Silver Package Validity - 1 Year

10,000/- rs Free Branded Shopping Vouchers.


Silver Business plan is the basic earning plan of Travelift which provides 17 vacation packages in just Rs 1,00,000/-


Silver Business Plan is the most selling B2B Travel package having 17 individual family holiday packages in just Rs. 1 lakh. It is basically a B2B business plan for people willing to earn more by spending less amount basically to have a startup with us. In Rs. 1 lakh we are providing 17 National and International packages with 1 year validity. It means you can choose any from national or international destinations in same cost. The B2B profit that you will earn in Silver Business plan would be more than Rs.25000/- and also we are providing free gift vouchers worth Rs.10,000/- which is completely risk free . This package is basically a Golden opportunity for B2B vendors to earn money without any financial burden on them. Be a part of Travelift by working with us in this beneficial business plan and start your extra earning for your financial stability.


Silver package is the most risk free source provided by Travelift to earn money. It's a collection of 17 individual packages costing you just Rs.1,00,000/-. You will get packages at discounted rate as well as 15% commission on actual price of the package.

  • Actual Price without GST = Rs. 7125

  • After 15% commission, Price = Rs. 7125 - 1068 = Rs. 6057.
  • Hence your per package price after commission and GST deduction would be Rs.6057/-.
  • You are getting it in 100000 / 17 is Rs.5882/-.
  • Hence profit per package = 7499 - 5882 =1617.
  • Sell 17 packages at 7499 each = 7499 * 17 = Rs. 1,27,483/-
  • You are paying only Rs. 1,00,000/- and getting 1,27,483/-
  • Total profit in silver package would be Rs. 27,483.

This is the never before offer for the ones who want to start earning but not finding a way.


With Travelift , you are getting an access to our more than 500 hotels and resorts. We have a long list of 3 star resorts and hotels from which we will provide the best available deal of that particular time. We will choose the best stay for you in both national as well as international destinations. With Travelift you will get the good value of your every penny spent.

In our silver Business plan you can even choose whether you want to purchase and then sell the package for National or International destination. As the price for package in both the cases is same. This too is the extra advantage because you need not to pay extra for an international package. Silver Business plan designed by Travelift is one of the assured profit giving business opportunities offering best out of your money.

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